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日産・スカイライン R32 GT-R (オーストラリア)

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732 - ブラックパールメタリック AH3 - レッドパール KG1 - ジェットシルバーメタリック
  732 AH3 KG1 累計
GT-R (オーストラリア) 30 45 25 100

Note: This page also includes 5 prototypes. These cars had JDM VINs but were upgraded to Australian spec by Nissan. They are not included in the 100 Australian delivered production numbers above.

    シャシ#モデルコード    メーカーオプション
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    シャシ#モデルコード車種年-月 メーカーオプション




Nissan Australia Documented Changes

Front number plate fixing
New corporate logo on front of hood
Side indicator lamps from 300ZX model
Z speed rated tyres in lieu of V rated
Clear windscreen with tinted top section
Loose floor mats added
Flare holder deleted
Speed chime deleted
Instrument panel pad base structure modified
Speed limiter disconnected
260 kph speedometer in lieu of 180 kph
Oil low pressure light to also indicate high oil temp
Temperature gauge calibration
Radio to suit FM band separation
Radio aerial on roof in lieu of windscreen
Instrument panel illumination dimmer system added
Brake warning lamp wiring modification
Owner’s manual and workshop manual issued in english and include Australian specific features
Sunvisors from Exa
Flat glass external mirrors
Side intrusion beams in doors added
Modified front seat belts
Child restraints added
Rear parcel tray and speaker location
High mounted stop lamp added
Unleaded fuel filler restrictor added
VIN identification number, ADR compliance plate, build date plate; emission, CFC, fuel, spare tyre, and tyre decals added
New rear number plate mounting. Backup lamps deleted
Rear combination lamps modified. Outer lamps become turn indicators, plus reflector. Inner lamps become stop tail
Turn indicators changed to backup lamp function
Transfer case oil cooler added
Rear exhaust muffler
Rear suspension lower arm shielding from 300ZX model
Rear suspension mounting shields added
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Rear lights and bulbs were changed

Rear bumper was changed to support wider license plate and no reverse light next to license plate.
Nissan badge replaced Skyline badge on bonnet
Side turn signals from 300ZX were added. Front fenders were different to support this addition.
260kph speedometer
Dimmer switch replaced the fog lamp switch
New stereo and speakers were added, with wiring harness adjusted
Roof mounted antenna added
High mount brake light added
Floor mats added front and rear

Sunvisor replaced with vinyl (standard cloth)
Australian compliance plate with Australian 17 digit VIN added.
English language owners manual

Rear view mirror was changed  
Front and rear seatbelts were changed  
Parcel shelf was modified for child restraint anchoring mounting point  
Different front headlamps and bulb.  
Different windshield used.  
Cloth roof trimming was different  
Transfer Case Cooler added  
Engine Computer different  
Wiring Harness to support extra brake light and transfer case cooler  
Additional relays added  
Oil temperature warning control unit added  
Different high beam bulb  
Protector added to rear suspension arm added  
New bracket for front license plate  
Fuel Filler Tube different  
Muffler changed  
Various labels were changed to English language  
Different car jack  
Retail price was $107,000 AUD  
Some of the information and pictures are reproduced with permission courtesy of Oliver at 23gt.net and with thanks to Bob (Aussie_Delivered_R32_GTR) of SAU for advise.


Nissan Parts Technical Document Australia GT-R

This document (PDF) lists all of the part numbers that were changed for the Australia R32 GT-R.



GT-R (オーストラリア) 40ZKBNR32RXFSLMWW モデルナンバープレート.


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本 #5

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