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This website project was created by:
Mark - Original idea and a lot of the hard work to obtain the data on the site.
With Special Thanks to:
Steve - Database and website design.
Brendon - Website design.
Kristian from Iron Chef Imports - translations, huge amount of other contributions and information.
Justin & Assured I.T. - Kindly donating website hosting.
Raj MrFijiGold - Tremendous amount of contributions.
Cam - Significant contributions to understanding the model code options and many other contributions and information.
Ale BNR34 GT-R - info, advise, help, and knowledge.
Raki Fife - Lots of contributions, info and advise.
Kristian from Iron Chef Imports.
andreasgtr - German version (defunct)
Michael Sky - Some German translations.
Shalom Baker - GTIR-Registry.com - Various ideas and support to improve the site, plus running and maintaining GTIR-Registry.com
Other Contributions (in no particular order)
Josh @ 7Tune - Japanese translations.
Brad - Helped lead me to 92 missing VINs, plenty of other advice about GTR VINs.
K66 SKY - Maintaining UK GTR list, scans and photos for R33 GTR Great Britain page.
BenTaylor200 - Assisting in finding all 80 UK GTR details.
Tessa - Information leading to theory on "Incumbent" cars - they were exported to other markets.
Kumo - Japanese translations.
Jamie Noyz - Rare car spotter.
Sean Morris - Z-Tune, other info on rare cars, corrected minor error about projector headlamp numbers
Leith Douglass - Ideas.
Per Pettersson - Identifying SpecV in Europe region; Z-tunes, general help and advise.
Michael Sky - Some German translations and fixes.
ImportMonster - Help obtaining some newer R35 data.
Billy - CourtesyParts.com - USA R35 MY15, MY16, MY17 model code sheets via gtrlife.com.
Randy - R33 Information.
Trisian of Torque GT - cars, rare information.
Jean Knaepen - Gentleman Edition R35 GTR.
Kris Hatton "R34 GTR CLUB" - Promoting GTR-Registry.comand rare car spotter.
Lucas Davidson - R32 GTR N1 Information, noted minor error on R32 N1 page.
Terry Tung-Yep - Helping to provide the site.
Matt Tung-Yep - R34 GTR Nur and Great Britain brochure scans.
Marco ZM - Scans of R33 GTR V-Spec Great Britain brochure scans.
Bob "Aussie_Delivered_R32_GTR" - AUS R32 GT-R info and pictures.
Chris 'brick' noted 4 missing USA cars.
DrDickDatsunly for Great Britain R34 GT-R photos, press/prototypes.
Andy Middlehurst - Information on Great Britain R34 GT-R press/prototypes.
Mark Newton - R32 magazine scans and info.
Zachary Knight - Providing information on JDM S13 convertibles.
Skyline-Dom - Noted naming issue in HR34s.
AndrewG - 300ZX info.
Greg Lussier - 300ZX info.
Robert Correll Jr. - R32 Autech Version VIN Plate and Brochure scan.
Robert van Herwaarden - S14 Autech Version and other S14 info and brochures.
Sam Haddad - S14 Australia and other regions info.
Ayuib Ali - New Zealand R34 GT-R images.
Matt 'narface' - Hong Kong R34 GT-R images.
Willliam Stokes - Supplying Nissan FAST, data, options, country codes etc. thanks!
Lauri Leesmaa - Noted problem in display of S14 table.
Stefanos Georgiou - Lots of assistance on Tommi Makinen pages.
Ryan Coombes - Great Britain V-Spec VIN plate image.
Craig Liberman - Information on MotoRex and Fast & Furious cars.
Will Christian Velge - MotoRex cars.
Steve Wood - Brochure scans.
Len Pruijssen - Advised some ECR33 incorrectly named.
Billy - ER34 pre-production info.
Andrew Hannason - VIN plate picture.
Brandon Milevski - VIN plate picture.
Azam from Malaysia - Fine Spec Final Edition images.
Riley Nall - Noted RPS13 data was displayed on the KRPS13 page.



100% of donations received are put in to the running of GTR-Registry.com
Glenn Drayton
Josh - Galvsport
Phil Pav
John Crowe
Danny Howerton
Lee Khouri - Supercar Advocates
Ted Tsakiris


Discoveries by GTR-Registry.com

R35 GT-R:
* 110 SpecV - 24 SpecV Europe 1 SpecV UK / 77 SpecV Japan / 7 Middle East / 1 Other.
* 115 Midnight Opal SE (Press release says limited to 100 worldwide).
* 79 45th Anniversary Edition (Press release says limited to 45 worldwide).
R34 GT-R:
* 11578 R34 GTR / 7066 Series 1 / 4512 Series 2 (early + late).
* 1003 nur + breakdown of all colours.
* 718 V-Spec II nur + breakdown of all colours.
* 285 M-Spec nur + breakdown of all colours.
* 366 M-Spec + breakdown of all colours.
* 1855 V-Spec II JDM + breakdown of all colours.
* 346+ Midnight Purple II (Advertising brochure says limited to 300 units).
* 199 Midnight Purple III (198 JDM, 1 UKDM).
* 7 NZ / 10 Singapore / 10 Hong Kong + breakdown of all colours.
* Great Britain V-Spec breakdown of all colours.
R33 GT-R:
* 16668 R33 GTR / 9214 Series 1 / 3703 Series 2 / 3751 Series 3.
* 87 V-Spec N1 + breakdown by series: 55 V-Spec N1 (Series 1) / 21 V-Spec N1 (Series 2) / 11 V-Spec N1 (Series 3).
* 188 GTR LM + breakdown by type: 86 GTR / 102 V-Spec.
* 416 Autech 4 door GTRs + breakdown of all colours.
* 12 AR2 / 22 GV1 / 162 AR1 / 5 2R8 + breakdown by type.
* 97 Great Britain V-Spec (3 prototype + 94 regular) and breakdown of all colours.
R32 GT-R:
* 43937 R32 GTR / 17976 Series 1 / 11305 Series 2 / 14656 Series 3.
* 245 R32 GTR N1 + breakdown by type: 118 GTR N1 / 64 V-Spec N1 / 63 V-Spec II N1.
* 1396 V-Spec + breakdown of all colours.
* 1306 V-Spec II + breakdown of all colours.
* Australia GTR breakdown of all colours.
* 14 2M8.
* 8 prototype 326 White Series 1.
* 67262 R34 / 11578 BNR34 / 37339 ER34 / 3408 ENR34 / 14937 HR34.
* Brunei / Hong Kong / New Zealand delivered cars numbers and colours.
* 35 3W9 police cars.
* 180760 R33 / 16668 BCNR33 / 64308 ECR33 / 7500 ENR33 / 28446 ER33 / 63838 HR33.
* 178 Midnight Purple 2 ECR33.
* 40th Anniversary 1163 ECR33 / 199 ENR33 / 4102 HR33 + breakdown of all colours.
* 823 GTS-R including 4 prototypes.
* 201 GTS Autech.
* 606 GTS Nismo.
* 865 Nismo Selection / 557 GTS Nismo Selection / 308 GTS-X Nismo Selection.
Nissan Stagea:
* 133415 C34 / 63442 WGNC34 / 55299 WGC34 / 14674 WHC34.
* 1734 Autech 260RS / 986 Series 1 / 748 Series 2 + breakdown of all colours.
* 1 KT2 / 2 KN4 / 3 5T3 / 5 KN6 in C34.
* 58552 M35 / 28080 M35 / 1684 HM35 / 25304 NM35 / 1675 PM35 / 1849 PNM35.
* 1 621 Pure White.
Nissan Pulsar:
* 2453 JN15 Pulsar + breakdown of all colours.
* 264 JN15 Pulsar VZ-R N1 + breakdown of all colours.
Nissan Figaro:
* 20073 Figaro + breakdown of all colours.
Lexus LFA:
* Breakdown of 497 Lexus LFA.
Subaru WRX STi 22B
* 430 produced.
Please reference GTR-Registry.com when using numbers from this site.



Q: Why are some VIN numbers missing data?
A: Almost all of the missing numbers are in the Pre-Production range of the first series. Information on these cars is extremely difficult to obtain.

Outside of pre-production cars, sometimes there is no data available for that VIN but this is very rare.
Q: Where are the R34 GTR Nismo Z-Tunes?
A: Right here!
Q: What about the 2x 2003 special order R34 GTRs mentioned on several websites?
A: They don't exist.
Q: What about PGC10, KPGC10, and KPGC110 GTRs?
A: Well I would love to add the original GTRs in. However I have researched quite a lot and I don't know if it's possible without Nissans involvement. If you do know how I can obtain this data please let me know.
Q: Do you own a GTR?
A: Yes, I have previously owned the Bayside Blue R34 GTR from 2012 - 2016. I currently own Pearl White R34 GTR M-Spec #147.


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Anything else that you think may be of interest.
Any VIN you can't find in the R35 range.